Surf Board Simulator

Our surfboard simulator in Devon is always a great favorite with people of all ages at our Fun Matters events.

If you’ve ever been to the seaside for a holiday you will have seen those brave souls who venture out on to the waves on a surfboard and no doubt harbored a secret wish to try it for yourself. Of course, the problem is that it’s a commitment, as you need to invest in a wetsuit and if you are only going to the seaside for a fortnight every year it isn’t worth the expense. This is probably the only thing that has stopped you from having a go.

However, with our surfboard simulator in Devon you don’t need a wet suit. You can just jump on board – quite literally – and experience all the thrills of surfboarding without the danger of getting wet. You’ll get the exact same thrill as if you were on the real thing. OK, the waves on the simulator are not quite as big as the ones you see on films of Hawaii, but nonetheless it takes skill, balance and judgment to stay upright. How long can you ride the waves before you fall off?

Can you even get on the board? Or are you going to be floundering about trying desperately to stand upright as you see beginners do on the waves?

Our surfboard simulator in Devon gives you all the fun of the real thing. Why not have a competition with your friends and family? Have a small prize for the one who says upright longest. And maybe a booby prize for whoever gets thrown in the “water” first.

Until you have actually tried surfboarding, you won’t believe how very difficult it is. This is the challenge, and it’s the reason you see surf boarders on the waves staying in or on the water for hours at a time. Of course, most of the time they are in the water waiting for the next big wave and the opportunity to ride it triumphantly all the way to the beach.

With our surfboard simulator in Devon you will get exactly the same thrill as the people doing the real thing, except that you don’t have to hang about treading water waiting for the next big wave. You’re on the board and away because the “right” wave is there all the time. All you have to do is ride it. How long will YOU last?