Rodeo Bull

Rodeo Bull Hire

Dare you ride the Rodeo Bull in Devon? You’ve seen those western films where the hero rides the bucking bronco? This is the same thing, except that it’s a bull. And if  you think this is easy, you only have to climb aboard and try it!

This never fails to draw a crowd because absolutely everyone wants to see the rider get thrown off the bull. Furthermore, no matter how good you are, our bull always wins in the end! He guarantees to throw you! But he does promise not to gore you when you are on the mat.

However, our Rodeo Bull in Devon is fully adjustable, so our expert staff can slow him right down for children as young as three to have a go, or even for agile pensioners.

The Rodeo Bull is another great attraction for whatever event you are holding and he can be set up indoors or outside. So you can use him alll year round – at the office Christmas party if you wish. Now that IS an attraction; everyone in the company wants to see the boss thrown off the bull!

Not only that, the boss can hardly refuse to have a go if everybody else is trying their luck. If you like, our staff can start him off slowly so that he thinks he’s getting the hang of it and then suddenly speed the bull up! You could take bets on how long he can stay on our Rodeo Bull.

You can also take bets on how long YOU can stay on the bull. All you have to do is to climb on and hang on – for as long as you can.

Our bull is set up on a very soft surface so that you won’t hurt yourself when you come off. (Note that we said “when”, not “if”).

Whatever type of event you are holding you can always be certain that our Rodeo Bull in Devon is going to be the centre of attention. The kids want to see Dad come off him and your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to see you come off.

When all’s said and done, the Rodeo Bull is really just a lot of silliness. But silliness is a lot of fun, and Fun Matters. Give Nick a call on 01803-872058 to book the bull for your next function.