Laser Clay Shooting

Laser clay shooting in Devon is just like real clay pigeon shooting, but without using ammunition and without getting the kickbacks that you would get from a double-barreled shotgun. There is no noise of a gunshot either.

We use decommissioned guns that are fitted with lasers to hit the clay. Just as in clay pigeon shooting a trap releases the plastic clay which flies through the air and all you have to do is pull the trigger to hit it with your laser. Just as with real clay pigeon shooting with a double-barrelled shotgun you get two shots at each clay, so if you miss with your first shot you still have a second chance with your other “barrell”. Sounds easy? Wait till you try it!

There are five of you in a group and you score points for hitting the clay with your laser. Whoever hits the clay first scores the most points and we’ll keep you posted about who is winning right the way through the session. When you hit the clay the laser registers your hit with the control box.

Laser clay shooting in Devon is a wonderful sport for any event. As with archery it can be a great draw for summer events such as garden fetes and other village functions because it is something different and a lot of people will want to try it. When we run these events there is always a queue of people waiting to have their turn next and see if they can out-shoot their friends and neighbours.

It is also something that is suitable for all ages. Whether you are seven or seventy you can come along and have a go – and in our experience the seven year olds often out-shoot the seventy year olds!

Laser clay shooting is also great for corporate events and team building; everyone wants to have a go at out-shooting the boss! You can also have inter-departmental competitions, so you might have the accounts department versus the dispatch for example.

The most important thing about laser clay shooting in Devon is that it is a bundle of fun, and Fun Matters. Call Nick on 01803-872058 to discuss your requirements and availability because this is something that gets very booked up.