Corporate Events

Corporate Events

At Fun Matters we can supply everything you will ever need for corporate events in Devon including team building and a wide range of activity based days. We’ll design the perfect programme suitable for businesses and organisations of any size and ensure that everyone involved has a fun-filled, action-packed day that they won’t forget in a hurry.

This will help re-energise and rejuvenate not only your staff, but your customers as well if you want to invite them along. We can organise corporate events in Devon for anything from 50 to 300 people.

In just one day your employees will learn how to work as a team, improve their leadership abilities, enhance their problem solving skills and learn how to communicate with each other, while at the same time having a lot of fun. A great variety of games and puzzles, together with fun on inflatables, will enable your employees to relax, de-stress, and learn at the same time

There is far too much stress in the simple act of living in the 21st century and we have found that playing on inflatables is a great way for adults to relax and have fun. Giving your staff a day off work to enjoy themselves is not only a great way to reward them, but also builds loyalty. Staff members are much happier and will perform better when they realise that they are working for a company which cares about them.

For many of the corporate events in Devon and fun days that we organise we combine team games with a few team inflatable games. From feedback we receive from our customers, we have found that employees react extremely well to this kind of mix. No matter what their position in the company, everyone has to work together to get the best result for their team.

It’s usually a good idea to mix managers and staff up and to mix staff from different departments so that they get to know each other better and work well together. When staff get back to work on the following day you will find that not only have they had a great time, but they have got to know people in different departments and will have a better understanding of the different problems other staff members face in the course of their work. Greater understanding leads to greater respect and co-operation between individuals.

For a no-obligation discussion on how our corporate events in Devon  can help improve your staff members morale and performance, simply call Nick on 01803-872058.

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