Become a modern day Robin Hood with our archery in Devon event!

This is the real thing and it is not easy. You may have seen the way Robin Hood and his Merry Men shoot all sorts of things in the films and make it look as though anyone can do it. However, when you take up a bow and arrow yourself it is quite a different matter! Just pulling a longbow back requires quite a bit of strength on its own.

It’s quite possible that you have never seen anyone using a bow and arrow, yet The Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) has over 40,000 members who belong to no less than 1,100 clubs across the UK. It is also now an Olympic sport, so there are a considerable number of people who enjoy it.

Now you can join them by having a go yourself with our archery in Devon equipment. We use aluminium arrows and a variety of different bows to suit all ages and strengths. All the equipment is checked and maintained to the highest standard and we have GNAS qualified instructors to teach, instruct and supervise as necessary.

We have a variety of different targets, some of which are the larger 128 cm targets for absolute beginners. However, once you have got the hang of it you may like to try your skills on the smaller 92 cm target.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; our instructors will take care of everything and show you how to use the different bows. See if you can get a perfect score! Once you have tried archery in Devon you may very well become hooked on it. It really is a very exciting sport. Several people who have first tried their hand at archery in one of our many Devon events have gone on to join one of the local clubs and now take part in the sport most weekends.

An archery event is a great draw for church and village fetes and can be a very useful additional fund-raiser as it is an unusual attraction that will intrigue lots of people who might not attend an ordinary fete.

Call Nick now on 01803-872058 to arrange an archery in Devon occasion at your next event.