Harrow School – 22nd and 24th June 2014

Harrow School

We turned up to Harrow school to host their It’s a knock out event and nearly everything went to plan. However the mountain climb did go down due to a rip, but it was ok as we had a replacement game in the van. Obviously these things are not planned but no one missed out on the fun. The 22nd of June was the day where the sixth formers from the school came down to play but on the 24th they had other schools in from the local area to participate in the fun and activities.

What we took with us…

• Segways
• Laser clays
• Big challenge
• Bungee run
• Water pool
• Jousting
• Stretch and score
• Rodeo Bull
• Mountain climb
• Sumo
• Rafts

Usually the other schools are split into teams and the teams rotate in the usual pattern of a clock wise and anti clockwise fashion. This is so the teams play different people on different events.

This day is always a great day to be involved with however by the time the whole day is over its a long day. But it’s definitely worth it.