Dauntseys school – 7th September 2014

Dauntseys School

We turned up at Dauntsey’s school as usual on the 7th of September and we turned up to a fried breakfast which is always a good start, we soon smashed breakfast then started setting up the gear ready for the young adults/sixth formers.

The activities we take were:

• Big challenge
• Stretch and score
• Archery
• Laser clays
• Rodeo bull
• Surf board
• Jousting
• Water pool
• Chicken suit racing

These activities work well together because this helps the students focus on having fun whilst taking it seriously at the same time. Archery and laser clays help the students steady their aim and hit the targets whilst the water pool allows them to run and launch themselves in and grab a yellow duck. What most people don’t realise is the water definitely not hot. Most people love getting wet and it helps slide down the slide when wet. They fill up buckets of water to throw whilst people run through the big challenge or the bungee run.

We love turning up and holding this event for Dauntseys school, all members of staff are really polite and all students are enthusiastic and willing to participate which makes the day great fun.