Inflatable Hire


We have a huge selection of inflatables in Devon. These can be set up individually or used in conjunction with each other as part of our “It’s A Knockout” competitions. Inflatables are great fun for all concerned, and you can have a rough and tumble without anyone getting hurt.

Big Challenge Inflatable Assault Course

This is a great inflatables in Devon assault course. Competitors have to run through the assault course and then slide down a slide at the end.

The Jungle Run

Another assault course for children which involves climbing, crawling, running and sliding – just about every activity possible in the one course.

The Bungee Run

This always has everyone in stitches! Two competitors are each tied to  bungees which in turn are tied to a tree or other fixed object. It’s simple – the competitor who runs the farthest wins. It sounds silly, and it is, but it is one heck of a lot of fun!


This is derived from The Gladiators TV show of 25 years ago. Competitors each stand on a podium and try to knock their opponent off by bashing them with foam batons. Hilarious!

Mountain Climb

Can you climb the mountain? It’s a long way up, and you have to take care not to fall, ‘cos it’s a long way down too!

Stretch And Score

This is a head to head game involving bouncing and stretching that has everybody laughing. You have to stick all your numbers before your opponent to win. But something surprising may happen to you on your way to the winning post!

Water Pool

A fun activity where you have to collect as many items as you possibly can. However, there is always the chance that you might get wet!

Mini Assault Course

This is a team activity where players have to work together to collect all the items necessary to make a word. First team to create their word wins. It sounds easy enough, but then again……..!

Biff Bash

This is an inflatable game involving a lot of bouncy activity and is great fun for kids and adults as well. Hours of fun absolutely guaranteed.

Bouncy Castles

The traditional bouncy castle inflatables in Devon. Kids just love ‘em. Parents do too, because the kids eventually tire themselves out and go to bed early, leaving mum and dad a pleasant evening with a bottle of wine or three!