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Corporate Events In Plymouth

Corporate Events In PlymouthPlymouth is a big city, with a population of 250,000 people and home to HMNB Devonport, the largest operational naval base in Western Europe. There are a lot of big businesses here that love to run days of corporate events in Plymouth because they have found that doing so has great advantages for their bottom lines.

Holding corporate events in Plymouth is not simply about letting your employees off for a day to have some fun – although that is certainly part of it. Much more to the point is to get your staff interacting with each other in a way that they will never do in the office.

To begin with, paying for a day’s entertainment for your staff will have them thinking that you are not such a bad boss after all. You close the business for a day, and just let them have a lot of fun with each other. You will earn a lot of brownie points for that alone.

However, that is not all that having a day of corporate events in Plymouth is about. It is about getting your staff to know each other as people, rather than simply the factory manager or the secretary.

When people are in the office all day, they do not have the time to get to know each other. Certainly, they may meet in the coffee break, or at lunch time, and they might discuss what they do at home, where they go for a holiday, whether they like – or don’t like Chinese food.

What they don’t get is the chance to support each other and find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses as they can on a day of corporate events in Plymouth, where each event has been carefully designed for the staff to help each other in team games where they are matched against others in the company.

One of the huge advantages is that you can mix people from different departments, so that rather than having accounts versus production, for instance, which is pretty much the scenario in the office, you can create – say – a team of four from the factory floor, despatch, sales, and accounts. Then you can match this team of four against another similar team. They can be doing anything from jousting, where they attempt to knock each other off a podium with foam batons, to the Water Pool where they have to collect as many items as possible, and there is also the chance of getting wet!

When you organise corporate events in Plymouth like these for your staff, you will find that a lot of friendly rivalry ensues, and that staff from different departments get to know each other better because they have to. You will also find that the excitement lasts for a lot longer than a single day, as people reminisce about “what happened to old Joe”, or laugh at each other as they pass in the corridor about the mini assault course that they undertook together.

A day of corporate events in Plymouth can do so much more for your business than you would ever dream possible. For more information, call Nick on 01803 872058.