Corporate Events In St Austell

Corporate Events In St Austell

Corporate Events in St Austell

If you are thinking of holding corporate events in St Austell, Fun Matters is the supplier of choice for the discerning employer. We have a huge range of different sports and games that can be combined in an almost endless variety of ways that will make your day one that your staff will not only enjoy, but continue to talk about for weeks afterwards.

While corporate events in St Austell should be a day of enjoyment and fun for employees, there is a very important additional meaning to take into consideration. That is getting staff to meet and interact with other employees with whom they may not come into contact in the course of the working week.

Not only do they get to talk to other employees, but you can also arrange things so that they have to rely on each other for support during many of the team games that we provide. For instance, you could have team games where each team is composed of four or six people, but they can all be drawn from different departments.

You can also mix up the age groups, and have teams where junior staff take part alongside a senior manager, for example. Suddenly, for a day, everyone is an equal. This gives staff something to talk about back at the office, where they can take pride in the fact that they took part in a game with a manager, and perhaps beat him or her!

One of the corporate events in St Austell that we can arrange is called “It’s A Knockout” which is run along similar lines to the iconic TV programme. Teams can take part in a series of exciting games and challenges involving things such as jousting, the Big Challenge assault course, Stretch and Score, Team Skis, and many more. A number of the games can involve quite an amount of water and bubbles, which is always fun!

Each team will compete against every other team, scoring points along the way. At the end of the day, the two top teams will compete against each other in a sudden death play-off to decide which one will be crowned champion of the day.

No two of these “It’s A Knockout” corporate events in St Austell are ever the same, except from the point of view that everyone has a lot of fun, and has the opportunity to meet and bond with employees from different departments, thus forming better relationships for the long term.

Fun Matters has an amazing inventory of props and games, from bouncy castles and many other inflatables, to our rodeo bull (see how long it takes to fall off) and real archery equipment. In fact, if you can imagine it, we have probably got it in stock. This means that we can design corporate events in St Austell that are unique to your business and provide a day your employees will remember for months to come.

In order to discuss ideas for your own corporate event, why not give Nick a call on 01803-872058. He will be happy to sit down with you and listen to your requirements.