Corporate Events In Somerset

Corporate Events In Somerset

Corporate Events In Somerset

One of the many entertainments that Fun Matters arranges is corporate events in Somerset.

Many larger employers take advantage of these days for several reasons. One of them is to give employees a day off to relax and have some fun at the company’s expense.However, at the same time, a day of corporate events in Somerset will have the effect of getting employees from different departments – or even different branches – to know one another better.

In the course of the working day, it may not be usual for people working in despatch to come into contact with people in the accounts department. Salesmen are mostly out on the road, and probably do not ever enter the engineering department.

When you arrange a day of corporate events in Somerset, you can organise things so that people in different departments not only meet and talk to each other, but may also be part of the same team for many of the games and sports that are on offer. When people have to support and rely on each other – even if only for a day – it can help to build respect and understanding, together with mutual trust. Such things can only be good for the business moving forward.

At Fun Matters, we can arrange corporate events in Somerset for anywhere from 50 to 300 people. We have a huge inventory of games and sports that we can provide to ensure that your day goes with a bang, and that everyone has a great time. We will sit down with you and discuss your ideas and what it is that you want to achieve. We will probably offer some ideas of our own, based on our long experience of designing corporate events for businesses small and large. We want your day to be exactly the way you want it, and we always go the extra mile to see that it is.

Games can include team events where groups compete against each other, or singles events where individuals compete. We can offer sports such as archery – always a big hit, because it is something that most people have never tried. The same thing can be said for laser clay pigeon shooting. This is clay pigeon shooting without using ammunition, but instead firing a laser at a plastic clay pigeon. When a participant scores a hit, it is recorded on a control panel. All the fun of the real thing, without any danger.

We can also organise team games such as our version of the classic TV programme “It’s A Knockout”. It works in exactly the same way, with teams competing against each other in a series of exciting games and challenges until only two teams are left. These two will compete against each other in a play-off for the honour of being crowned champions of the day. (Of course, if you are feeling generous, it may be for a team prize as well).

There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating for your employees than a day of corporate events in Somerset. We will be happy to arrange an appointment so that we can understand exactly what you want to achieve. This can be either at our offices, or yours. Call Nick on 01803 802758.