Corporate Events In Gloucester

Corporate Events In Gloucester

Corporate Events in Gloucester

Holding corporate events in Gloucester is easy when you employ Fun Matters. We take care of all of the planning, set up, team organisation, health and safety, and clearing away afterwards, so that your venue looks as though nothing ever happened.

Your event can be organised in any way that you wish, and can contain a mixture of exciting sports and games which offer challenges and a considerable amount of good, old-fashioned laughter.

Many of the team games can be arranged so that one department in your company can play another, or perhaps one branch play another. However, another good ploy is to mix people from different departments together, so that employees can interact with people who they may not know all that well in the workplace. The idea is to get them to work as a team for the games and events, so that they will work better as a team when they return to the office.

Even better, is to move people from team to team during the course of the day. This means that they have to work with a variety of different people during the day who all have the same aim – to win that particular game or event.

Fun Matters can supply absolutely everything you need for corporate events in Gloucester. We have marquees which can be supplied as they are, or fully furnished. You can have a mobile disco. You could have a casino, if you wish. Catering of any description can be arranged.

We can even supply segways! Those personal motorised two wheel transporters that look as though they should really fall over when you stand on them, but don’t. Your staff will be queuing up to ride on them. Yes, we even supply segways!

There are dozens of different ways to have fun with Fun Matters. One favourite is the bungee run. Competitors are tied to a tree, or other immovable object, with a bungee, and the winner is the one who can run the farthest. Yes, it sounds silly, and we have to admit that it is. More important is that it is hilarious.

Another big crowd pleaser is the rodeo bull. This works in the same way as the bucking bronco in cowboy films. The winner is the person who can stay on longest, before being thrown on to a soft mat. Everybody gets thrown. Nobody can beat our bull!

Then there is the surfboard simulator. If you have always wanted to try surfing the waves, this is your chance. It is very like the real thing, with the big advantage that you don’t get wet.

We have a huge range of inflatables, bouncy castles, and sumo suits (inflatable suits that make you look like a sumo wrestler).

If you will have children attending the event, we have plenty of games for them including giant jenga, snakes and ladders, and space hoppers, which will keep them amused for hours.

Whatever sort of corporate events in Gloucester you are considering, contact Nick on 01803-875028 in order to arrange a preliminary meeting. If you are not absolutely certain what you want, Nick can give you dozens of suggestions to ensure that your corporate event is one that your staff will remember.