Corporate Events in Dorset

Corporate Events in Dorset

Corporate Events In Dorset

Corporate events in Dorset can be arranged for just 50 people, or as many as 300, depending on the size of your company, and your budget. At Fun Matters, we have a huge inventory of games and sports of all types that will keep your employees busy and having a great time for hours on end.

The major point about running corporate events in Dorset, oddly enough, is NOT just to give your employees a great day out and a day off work. Yes, they certainly get all that, but there is much more going on in the background that will help build your business than they (or perhaps even you) realise.

The simple fact is that, if you run a medium or large business, or one with many different branches, a number of your employees will not know each other. Or, if they do, they won’t know each other very well.

It is even possible that they may dislike other people in the company (“Oh, I can’t STAND that Jim in the printing department” – or something similar). This is very often because they have not got to know the other person because they never really meet up in the course of the working week. Alternatively, they may simply have been told by someone else in the company that Jim is a pain, and go along with it, because they like or respect the “someone else”.

Jim could actually be a really great, outgoing guy, and a real asset to the business, but your other employee doesn’t know that because he, or she, has not got to know Jim.

When you organise a day of corporate events in Dorset, you have a golden opportunity to enable members of staff to get to know one another in a situation where there is no pressure, and they are just having a lot of fun.

Fun Matters can provide you with a day of great entertainment where your staff can simply relax, forget their problems, and have a wonderful time. Most importantly, it can be designed so that staff from different departments or branches can be put into teams competing against each other in a series of games and sports where they are encouraged to help and support their own team members.

Suddenly, your employee finds out that Jim is actually a great bloke, only too willing to give his all in order to help the rest of the team beat the accounts department, or whatever. This is a fantastic method of building rapport, and a sense of team spirit, among members of staff who may never have known each other previously. The benefits for your business are manifold, because now you find that everyone is pulling together, rather than trying to out do each other, or, worse, (to use a colloquialism) put the boot in.

Organising a day of corporate events in Dorset for your employees can produce psychological benefits that you may never have considered. It is a great opportunity to get all of them batting on the same side, rather than sniping at each other from afar.

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