Corp Events in Devon

Corporate Events in Devon

Corporate Event In DevonWhen you consider corporate events in Devon, you may simply be thinking of giving your staff a day off with some time to have fun in order to keep them happy.

Certainly, that is part of the idea, but the truth is that, carried out properly, corporate events in Devon can result in more efficiency in your business which, in turn, leads to more profit and less waste. This is why we say that having fun matters. It is not just about taking the day off and playing some games. It is about team building, and letting your staff get to know each other in a way that they can never do when they are in the office, factory, store, or wherever your business is located.

Let’s be honest: not every member of your staff is going to like or bond with every other member. There will always be someone on the sales team, for instance, whose private opinion is that the head of accounts is a “miserable old so and so”.

Equally, the head of accounts may think that about some members of your sales team.

This is where organising corporate events in Devon can do so much for your business. It is a day off, where everyone can let their hair down, and take part in fun activities where they will see other people in a completely different light.

Our job is to sit down with you and design a day in which everyone can have fun, and at the same time learn about each other. We have a huge range of different events which can be crammed into the day in order to keep everyone on their toes, but laughing at the same time.

For instance, there is the Mountain Climb game. This is a long way up, but also a long way down. Who won’t laugh when the head of accounts falls off?

There is the bungee run where the head of accounts might just get his own back. Two competitors are tied to a tree with a bungee, and the one who can run the farthest wins. This sounds silly, and it is, but it has everyone in fits of laughter.

We have a huge inventory of inflatables which can be used for corporate events in Devon. They can be used separately, or set up in a series to be used in our “It’s A Knockout” competition. People can fall over – and indeed will do – but it is all great fun and nobody can get hurt.

We also set up competitions where teams have to work together to score points. This is a great opportunity to mix up people from different departments and get them to work together. Suddenly, the head of accounts and the salesman who don’t really think much of each other are working together for the common good. (Of course, they do this at work, too, but they don’t realise it).

A day of corporate events in Devon will do wonders for the morale of your staff. When they get back in the office, they will have a better appreciation of each other, and the roles that they play in your business.

To discuss how a corporate events day can enhance your business, call Nick on 01803 872058.