Corporate Events In Cornwall

Corporate Events In Cornwall

Corporate Events in CornwallCorporate events in Cornwall can include a wide variety of different sports and games, making a day out for your staff that they will talk about for a long time afterwards. Indeed, two of our most popular sports are archery and laser clay pigeon shooting.

Handled correctly, holding a corporate events day can be much more for your employees than just a day off work. You can encourage friendly rivalry between different departments, but you can also mix up people from various departments so that they get to play team games with people that they would not normally interact with very much during the working week.

Take laser clay pigeon shooting, for instance. We run this with teams of five, so you can have people from five different departments shooting against each other.

Laser clay pigeon shooting is one of the most popular sports at our days of corporate events in Cornwall, and uses de-commissioned weapons fitted with lasers. The plastic clay is released from a trap in the same way as in the real sport, and you aim and fire with your laser. As with the real thing, you also get a second shot if you miss with your first. Hits are recorded on a control panel, and we keep participants informed of their scores as they go.

Laser clay pigeon shooting is so popular, since it is something different, and a sport that perhaps none of your employees has ever tried.

Archery is similar in that respect, but here the bows and arrows used are the real thing. We have a variety of different bows, and the arrows are aluminium. Trained instructors who are qualified with the Grand National Archery Society supervise and teach your staff how to use the equipment. We have found that many people who have tried archery at corporate events in Cornwall have gone on to take up the sport, and join one of the 1,100 GNAS registered clubs in the country.

Those are just two suggestions for your own corporate event. There are many other sports and games that we can provide that will give your staff not only a day off, but also a chance to bond with and support people from different departments with whom they may hardly come in contact during the working week. This is one of the great benefits of these days, in that you have people interacting with, and getting to know, fellow employees better, which will do nothing except improve relations in the work place.

Other things you might like to consider are our surfboard simulator, where staff can try their hand at riding the waves without getting wet, or one of the many inflatables we can supply, such as jousting on a podium while using foam batons to knock each other off.

Corporate events in Cornwall days can be designed to work in any way that you wish, and include however many games you would like. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your ideas, as well as offer some of our own. Call Nick on 01803-872058 for a preliminary chat.